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Helping our heroes: The contribution of Study Active in the fight against COVID-19

James Luscombe with Craig Smith (CRS Editorial) 

The introduction of Clap for Our Carers earlier this year was a fantastic opportunity for the nation to show its appreciation to the NHS as COVID-19 took hold. There’s been little let up since, with our heroes working around the clock to help us all in our time of need. Well now it is time to warm up those hands once more thanks to the amazing work of #DoingOurBit – an initiative born from the intellect of one Julie Davis, the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at the Clinical Research Network West Midlands. Here at Study Active, we were honoured to be approached to contribute our expertise.


What is the initiative about?

At the peak of the outbreak, it became apparent that extra support was needed to protect NHS staff who were operating on the frontline and putting themselves at continued risk. Like many concerned people nationwide, we all wondered what could be done. Up stepped the beacon of light that is Julie to add a layer of protection to NHS staff members who were facing the biggest challenge of their lives, not just their careers.

As a senior manager within the West Midlands NHS Trust (as well as being a champion powerlifter), Julie is aware of the undisputed benefits of exercise on physical and mental health. Linking with specialists in their respective fields in the shape of Active IQ, Action Group, us here at Study Active and technical experts fibodo, she instigated the morale-boosting offer our NHS staff required. #DoingOurBit was born and our knights in shining armour could access bespoke free exercise and relaxation sessions to help them remain fit and healthy…and all at a time to suit them.

Initial uptake was within The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and for this we thank them, though with Julie continuing to bang the drum about this amazing scheme, it is hoped #DoingOurBit will be recognised in all NHS Trusts in the not too distant future.

How did Study Active help?

Julie made contact with an interest in enrolling on one of our personal trainer courses. Quick to notice the potential of this link-up, the conversation evolved as to how we could offer our services to contribute on a larger scale.

Hearing of her aspirations to help frontline NHS staff, we were inspired to play our part. With hard work and dedication to the cause at the epicentre of our provision, we are all immensely proud to help and it has further strengthened the unified bond we have within the organisation and with our graduates, associates and partners, emphasising the fact we really are one team striving for the same outcome.

With links to some of the country’s top personal trainers, we began to collate a Cloud-based video bank of bespoke exercise sessions exclusive for NHS staff. Keen to express their gratitude to our beloved health service, each quality assured PT begins their video with a thank you message for the magnificent work being done to keep our country as safe as possible.

All PT videos have been, and continue to be, tested to ensure exercises are motivational, fit for purpose, safe and challenging enough to offer a workout for people at different levels of fitness. The focus throughout is on quality.

A heartfelt thank you

This year has really brought people together when they have been unable to be. The contributions of Study Active and our project partners Active IQ, Action Group and fibodo are a small piece of the overall jigsaw. Completing the puzzle are our inspirational NHS staff. To these people working around the clock, and to Julie Davis for her amazing #DoingOurBit initiative that will undoubtedly create a legacy, we extend our eternal thanks.

Inspired by what you have read? Then why not have a chat with us to see how you can play your part in helping to further increase the nation’s level of physical activity.

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