Associations and Partners

Here at Study Active we recognise the importance of strong partnerships with governing body's, national registers and other professional associations to ensure we continue to provide high quality courses and qualifications that adhere to the standards and regulations of the fitness industry in the UK.
Here are some of our notable partners that you might like to be aware of.

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Study Active partner with Active IQ because they are one of the UK's leading awarding organisations recognised and regulated by Ofqual within the Active Leisure sector. They aim to design qualifications in this sector that are the enabler of successful careers within the fitness industry.


As an organisation, REPs regulates fitness instructors and personal trainers throughout the UK. Our relationship with REPs benefits our students as they will be eligible to join REPs once they complete their training with us. REPs also ensures Study Active's courses meets the requirements agreed by the National Occupational Standards. REPs provide a vital service to us because they help regulate our qualification offer to make sure it is fully recognised and accredited.

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector.
CIMSPA partners with Study Active to recognise our training as being fit for purpose and recognised throughout the UK. Our partnership also sees our students become eligible to join CIMSPA on completion of their training.

SkillsActive is recognised as the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being in the UK. They are key players with regards to the design of skills development and training within our sector and for that reason we work closely with them to ensure our training meets consistent high standards.



The National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT) is a national personal trainer directory with details of qualified personal trainers nationwide. This enables PT's to be recognised and work as a Personal Trainer across the UK. NRPT promote Study Active as a training provider for new and existing fitness professionals and likewise many of our students go on to join NRPT.




PD:Approval is an independent, quality assurance service working within the fitness education sector to drive up professional standards and recognise quality. Study Active is endorsed by PD Approval thus demonstrating the highest standard of service and excellence. 


If you have any questions at all about our relationship with these organisations, or any of the gyms we also partner with, please get in touch: