How much does a personal trainer earn?

How much does a personal trainer earn?

By Craig Smith (CRS Editorial)

25 October 2021

With a focused perspective on promoting a healthy lifestyle intertwined with the physiological impact on others, each and every personal trainer contributes to the UK’s fitness landscape.

Like any vocation though, remuneration is a key consideration.

This blog defines just what a personal trainer does, highlights opportunities for career progression and answers the question on everyone’s lips – just how much does a personal trainer earn?

What does a personal trainer do?

The very definition of a personal trainer is an individual who possesses the necessary qualifications to be able to deliver safe and effective exercise programmes to others.

Though there are similarities that exist between the work of a gym or fitness instructor and the role of a personal trainer, significant differences do present themselves. One of the pivotal distinctions is the level of qualification.

Unlike their gym / fitness instructor counterparts who are qualified to Level 2, a personal trainer is required to possess at least Level 3 recognition. This step up in necessity is reflected in the additional knowledge possessed by a personal trainer.

How do I become a personal trainer?

Ascending the career ladder is testament to the ambition of many a fitness professional. As an accompaniment to a thirst for continuous personal development comes additional responsibility – something that can be fulfilled by studying for CIMSPA-endorsed and Ofqual-regulated qualifications with the UK’s leading provider of personal trainer courses.

To become officially recognised as a personal trainer means qualifying at Level 3. The quest for continual improvement may be fed by a Level 4 course. 

In addition to the focused personal trainer qualifications, Study Active offers many additional professional qualifications for those with a desire to specialise in working with people with specific issues, such as a Level 3 Pre & Post Natal or a Level 3 in Supporting Clients with Long-term Conditions, both of which will not only build your reputation in the industry but also help massage your income.

How much does a personal trainer earn?

According to reputable job search engine, Jobted, the starting salary for a personal trainer is around £17,000, with progressive qualifications, accomplishments and specialisms presenting the opportunity of earning over £100,000. The average salary of a personal trainer in the UK is approximately £37,000.

Suffice to say that regional breakdown across the UK and experience play a significant factor in how much a personal trainer can earn.

The below tables give a helpful overview as to the differences in pay that exist relative to experience and whereabouts in the UK personal trainers operate.



0–3 years


4–9 years


Average salary


10–20 years



Paradoxically, personal trainers of more than 20 years’ experience may notice their income either drop off, or indeed skyrocket up to £100,000. Again, such remuneration does depend on geography and other factors.

*The salary information highlighted is based on all personal trainer jobs published on Jobted over the last 12 months. Information accessed on 21/10/2021.

Does the area in which personal trainers operate make a difference to salary?

As with most jobs, where you are based in the UK plays a part in the fluctuation of money you can expect to take home.

Quite often we hear of a London weighting when remuneration is discussed, so it is no surprise this also features prominently in the world of the personal trainer too, as the below information from the website Payscale shows.


% Difference Based on Average Salary


61% more than the average


18% more than the average


11% more than the average


19% more than the average


11% more than the average


19% below the average


36% below the average


52% below the average


66% below the average


67% below the average

* Information last updated 09/10/2021 and accessed on 21/10/2021.

Do you want to find out more?

Interested in finding out more about the wealth of qualifications on offer to become a personal trainer or to take that next step up the ladder?

Then visit Study Active for a full breakdown of all the available courses, email us at or call us on 0345 017 8733.


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