How to Start a Fitness Blog

As a personal trainer it is very important to promote yourself as an exercise professional and communicate with the fitness community as to what your role, aspirations and experiences are. This will allow you to present a very personable impression and insight into your role as a fitness professional. An excellent way to do this is by creating a fitness blog. This could be on your personal trainer website or could also be via your social media channels that you would have as a personal trainer. It is very important that you engage your audience, and you make this blog personable about yourself. It could talk about your fitness journey, the qualities you possess and the unique selling points that you have as a personal trainer, so that your wider audience gets to know who you are and what kind of impact you are looking to make in the fitness industry.

Your Fitness Blog Audience

Starting a fitness blog can be a dilemma as a lot of personal trainers will not know what to be blogging about. It is therefore important to understand how to start a fitness blog by first considering the audience you will be addressing – what is your audience going to be interested in? It may not be the best idea to do a blog just saying how great you are, even if you think that you are a great personal trainer! It is more important to produce a blog which is going to do some of the following –

  • Engage your audience
  • Be something that your audience can relate to
  • Be a blog that your audience is going to find interesting and wish to read
  • Inspire your audience
  • Motivate your audience
  • Give a good impression of yourself

Fitness Blogging Topics

As a personal trainer there are many subjects you could cover in your blog and here are a few suggestions of potential topics to explore -

  • Your personal fitness journey
  • What led you to become a personal trainer
  • A personal story as to what has led you towards the fitness industry
  • Describing a certain training technique that you have been using
  • Discussing a certain method of training or plan that you have been following and what kind of success you have got from that
  • Relating the story of a celebrity client that you have trained - this could include some quotations and a testimonial about their experience with you
  • The type of training that you do and the type of clientele that you engage with
  • Introducing a concept that you have recently used, such as a certain form of outdoor training or a certain piece of equipment.

Overall, a blog should be interesting, it should engage the fitness audience and a fitness blog should always look to produce content which is related to you and personable to you as an exercise professional. Once you have written a blog it is very important to keep blogging and to keep that content fresh by revisiting the blog and updating it at regular intervals. If people like reading your blog, then they will want to keep engaging with your content. That will in turn attract more traffic to your website and social media, which can only be a good thing for promoting yourself as a personal trainer.

Fitness Blogs - In Conclusion

So overall a fitness blog is something that can be a very useful tool for a personal trainer to have. Whether this blog is about your fitness journey or the types of training that you do with your clients, or based on testimonials from clients, whichever area you choose to focus on it has to be something which is of interest to your audience and something that is going to drive people to keep coming back to read your blog. I hope this article has been useful and helped to understand what a fitness blog could be, and that it has also shown how to start a fitness blog and given you some tips on starting with your fitness blogging journey.

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