Study Active achieves CIMSPA “Enhancing” Status

Study Active are delighted to share that following a robust quality assurance inspection from CIMSPA, we have achieved “Enhancing” status – which is the highest possible quality rating that a fitness education provider can achieve.

CIMSPA “Enhancing” status is a trust mark of genuine outstanding educational delivery and is only achieved via thorough quality assurance inspections from experienced CIMSPA auditors.

This new and highly prestigious trust mark gives our existing and future learners the absolute confidence that they are choosing a training provider of truly outstanding quality.

CIMSPA have introduced their new quality assurance systems so that there is absolute transparency to the public on the quality levels that a training provider is operating at. (This is similar to how Ofsted publish inspection grades on schools).

CIMSPA's new quality assurance for fitness education providers

CIMSPA’s new quality assurance system means that from now on, someone choosing a fitness education course (such as a Personal Trainer course) should not just look for a provider who is simply “endorsed” by CIMSPA but more so they should look for the quality status that the provider has achieved. There are three standards that CIMSPA will give to an endorsed provider following a thorough inspection:

  • Enhancing – the most prestigious and highest possible CIMSPA trust mark of quality which reflects the provision of the highest quality education (this is what Study Active have been awarded!)
  • Enabling – this means there are some areas of positive practice but some support will be needed from CIMSPA to develop the provider further.
  • Emerging – this relates to provision that has some potential but requires support from CIMSPA. Such a provider will be set improvement actions by CIMSPA.

Reflection on Study Active being rated as Enhancing by CIMSPA

Study Active MD James Luscombe commented “We are absolutely thrilled to have achieved this new and prestigious “Enhancing” status from CIMSPA. We have been a CIMSPA endorsed partner for many years now so we certainly welcome this extra level of quality assurance as it gives the public much more transparency as to what quality standard a provider is operating at. We look forward to continuing to provide continued excellence to all of our learners”

CIMSPA CEO Tara Dillon had the following to say about Study Active’s success:

 “Study Active have demonstrated outstanding levels of education quality for many years now so we are delighted that they have received recognition of this through their “Enhancing” rating. We look forward to working with Study Active as one of our Education Partners as we strive to ensure that the sector’s workforce is fit for purpose”.

Please browse the Study Active website to see our "Enhancing" rated fitness education provision.




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