Level 2 Gym Instructing

The home-study fitness education videos on this page are linked to your nationally recognised Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and will help you to achieve your fitness trainer certification.

If you are studying the L2 Gym & L3 Personal Trainer combined certification then these videos apply to the gym instructing part only (there are personal fitness trainer videos on a separate page which your tutor will send to you once you are working on that section).

The videos include a wealth of health and fitness content including, program design, anatomy & physiology, how to be an effective fitness instructor as well as numerous other fitness tasks.

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L2 Gym introductory tutorial

This video explains each step of the Level 2 Gym Instructing qualification.

L2 Gym coursework guidance tutorial

This explores the coursework element of the level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. (Please note where YouTube videos are referenced, please see the tutorial videos below as all tutorial videos are now on this one page)


Understand how to evaluate your self to pursue with your fitness career be it starting out as a gym instructor or in a senior fitness position like a personal-trainer.

L2 Gym risk assessment tutorial

As a Gym Instructor you may be required to undertake risk assessments. This tutorial will help with the risk assessment task in your coursework.

L2 Gym maintenance checklist

Some essential health & safety skills that a fitness trainer needs to understand when working in the fitness industry.

L2 Gym handover letter tutorial

A Gym Instructor may be required to write a handover letter to a colleague. This tutorial explains how to write a handover letter.

L2 Gym client consultation tutorial

A key thing to learn when going through the stages to become a personal trainer or gym instructor is how to carry out a fitness consultation.

L2 Gym goal setting

Explore how fitness trainers can create SMART fitness goals.

L2 Gym health promotion Poster

This video will show you how a fitness professional create a promotional poster to promote health and fitness to gym or personal training clients 

L2 Gym session plan

How to design a bespoke plan that a fitness client could use in a variety of gyms. 

Reps and %1RM

How a Fitness Trainer can select the correct reps for a given %1RM 

L2 Gym exam preparation webinar

This video goes through all elements of the exams including individual and small group training sessions. 

L2 Gym practical assessment guidance

This is essential viewing ahead of taking both of the practical assessments for L2 Gym Instructing. Please do not attempt the Gym Instructing practical assessments without thoroughly watching this video.

L2 Gym technical webinar

Apply principles of exercise science to a fitness training session