Level 3 Personal Training

The home study fitness education videos on this page will help you to achieve your Level 3 Personal Trainer certification and gain the credentials for successful fitness career in the fitness industry. (Please note if you are studying Level 2 Fitness Instructor then there is a separate playlist for this that your tutor can send to you if applicable to your study)

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L3 PT Introductory tutorial

This video details an overview of the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

L3 PT logic model

A certified personal trainer should always screen clients before working with them for any individual or small group fitness program. This video looks at a tool to help with this. 

L3 PT Goal SEtting

When consulting with clients an exercise professional needs to be able to set SMART fitness goals with clients. These could be for nutritional or fitness goals. 

L3 Food Diary Analysis Task

An important part of the consultation process is for a Personal Trainer to explore the nutrition elements of a clients lifestyle.

L3 PT Educational Activity 

This task is also referred to as the L3 PT Medical Conditions Handout. To prepare for your client consultation, you need to produce an "Educational Activity" for your client with exercise and nutrition guidance. 

L3 PT Client Consultation

A Personal Trainer will need to conduct a client consultation to explore the health and fitness status of a client as well as going through the client goals.

L3 PT periodised programme

A key part of personal training is how to translate fitness goals into fitness programs. This video will look at how this can be achieved to optimise a clients’ fitness training. It will also look at long term progressive programme planning. 

L3 PT repetitions & 1RM 

It is important for a fitness professional to match reps to intensity when designing resistance exercise programs. A senior fitness professional should be familiar with this. 

L3 PT biopsychosocial model 

Exercise and fitness professionals should understand the different factors that can impact health. The biopsychosocial model is a useful tool to understand this. 

L3 PT Educational information handout  

A Personal Trainer should be able to give guidance to client on basic principle of common medical conditions including how exercise and nutrition can help

L3 PT SWOT, PERSonal devElopment & CPD Plan 

To plan a successful Personal Training business it is useful to use tools like SWOT to understand the current position of the fitness business. It is then a good idea to plan out fitness CPD and personal development activities to help the PT business grow. 

Market Research & Marketing Technique Evaluation

To promote PT services a PT must firstly research the market and then choose which marketing techniques they will use to promote themselves. This video explores these concepts. 

L3 PT business planning 

It is an important skill for a Personal Trainer to be able to plan out their pan for launching and running their own PT business. This task looks at putting together a PT Business Plan. 

L3 PT budget overview

When planning a Personal Training business it is important to have an understanding of the costs involved and how to budget accordingly. This tutorial will explore the Budget Overview task.

L3 PT Profit & Loss Tutorial

Once you become a personal-trainer you will need an appreciation of basic financial skills. This webinar looks at some key financial basics for your fitness business including how to do a profit and loss account. 

L3 PT information technology task

It is important that a PT understands how to integrate technology into their business. This task will explore the use of Information Technology from a Personal Training perspective.

L3 PT technical webinar

This webinar will explore health & fitness principles needed to be considered by a personal fitness trainer working in gyms. These could apply to individual or small group training. Numerous training systems will be explored within this tutorial. 

L3 PT Training Techniques Template

This webinar provides guidance on completing the Training Techniques Template from which exercises will be taught during the modular practical assessment.

L3 PT exam preparation webinar

There are theory exams that focus on exercise science topics such as anatomy & physiology as well as the resistance and cardiovascular elements of the exam of your fitness trainers certification.

L3 PT Practical assessment guidance

This video is essential viewing ahead of the practical assessments for Level 3 Personal Training. It provides details of the assessment criteria and what is expected from a learner in order to meet this criteria.