Boxercise with Andy Wake

Study Active are delighted to be partnering with the nationally established fitness company Boxercise.

Boxercise, who have been operating since way back in 1992, specialise in providing an exercise concept which is based on training methods which are used by actual boxers.

Study Active graduates now have the opportunity to access Boxercise Instructor training at a reduced rate. This will empower our graduates to be able to incorporate boxing related fitness into their exercise sessions.

To find out more about Boxercise, we caught up with their founder Andy Wake to discover more about this fantastic and highly valued fitness concept.

What exactly is Boxercise all about?

Boxercise is a blend of boxing and exercise started in 1992 by professional boxing coach Andy Wake, taking the training regimes of boxers and modifying them for fitness. It’s brilliant for bootcamps, perfect for PT and huge for fitness classes. Boxercise is now in 56 countries around the world continuing to attract the fit and the less fit of all ages to join in a great stress busting activity.

How did the idea of Boxercise come about?

Boxercise started as a club for students after their boxing club. Initially started to raise much needed funds to buy equipment for the impoverished and fledgeling Brunel University Boxing Club. The classes became popular very quickly with participants wanting to enjoy the benefits and stress relief of boxing training but without getting hit back. Soon enough other fitness trainers approached Andy to train them and the training course was born. Now 32 years later and 30,000 Boxercise Instructors trained in Boxercise offer five courses all aimed at fitness professionals to upskill and offer this for fitness sessions.

What are the benefits of participating in a Boxercise Class / Session?

Number one is stress relief! The world today is a stressful place and taking out a bad day on the pads is a great way to get rid of that stress. Boxercise is great fun too, learning a useful skill while burning off calories (approx. 800 per hour) . Add to that the friendships made as you will work in pairs and Boxercise ticks many boxes.

What can an attendee expect from taking part in a Boxercise Class?

All classes are varied and the most popular are ‘hybrid’ classes meaning some will involve circuits, some kettlebells some bodyweight exercises but all will involve hitting the pads.

You’ll learn safe technique and after a few lessons your technique will improve so that you look and feel like a boxer. This doesn’t mean you are ready to compete but you will feel more confident as your competence grows.

Most importantly fun, stress busting and friendships are made.

How do you become a Boxercise Instructor are there any pre- requisites?

The Boxercise Instructor Training Course is a course designed for fitness professionals, it is not for enthusiasts learning to box, we teach you to teach to others.

To access the Boxercise course you don’t need any previous boxing experience as we teach you everything you will need to know about the punches, pad holding and safety coaching from the very beginning.

You must have a fitness or sports coaching background at Level 2 or equivalent. Other acceptable entry qualifications are

  • PE teacher
  • Sports Science graduates
  • Armed Forces PTIs
  • Senior Black belt kickboxing coach
  • Full boxing coach or BBBoC Trainer etc

What do you need to be a great Boxercise instructor? 

That’s really simple! Eyes and teeth. Let me explain. We will teach you everything you need to know about the Boxercise. So long as you have good social skills and are a good person you can be a great Boxercise Instructor! If you make eye contact with your clients and if you smile at them that’s all you need- Everything else we will teach you!


Thank you, Andy, for taking the time to answer these questions about Boxercise. Hopefully this article has explained how the concept works and how an instructor can get involved.

If this article has inspired you to find out more please visit the Boxercise page on our website and fill in the expression of interest form – by doing this you will automatically qualify for your 10% Study Active discount and will receive contact from the Boxercise team to tell you more!

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