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Accessing training and education for today’s modern professional and/or family person can be a logistical nightmare. The desire is there, the will power is there, the one thing missing is time and fitting it all in around other commitments!

This is especially true in terms of breaking into the fitness industry as many individuals in different sectors crave a career in fitness but cannot commit to weeks or months of classroom based learning. Essentially they need a flexible learning experience to wrap around their busy lifestyles.

Sound like you? Fear not as there is a solution – blended learning. This modern and innovative approach to learning sees minimises the need for you to be present in a classroom. Instead studying is done via a “blend” of e-learning, practical workshops, webinars, work experience and one to one tutorials. This means that much of the theoretical studying can be done from home with key practical elements being delivered via concise practical workshops held at convenient and accessible times.

Whilst traditionally you would learn solely in the classroom, often involving weeks or months of study, blended learning delivers the exact same content in an exciting d convenient way. The majority of the learning can be accessed online enabling you to study wherever and whenever you desire.

In addition to the above a key element of blended learning is student support. When studying remotely, you will obviously have questions to ask and are likely to ask for feedback on drafts of your work. This is where on demand support is paramount with dedicated tutors on hand to answer any questions you have and guide you through each task.

Another key benefit of blended learning is that, as much of the study is independent, it can be worked through at a pace to suit you. You may wish to put a lot of time in and complete via a FastTrack route or you may wish to really take your time. Providing that the course content is followed properly, both routes are absolutely fine!

When you take your assessments is also up to you, with no pressure for deadlines or final exam dates, instead you will decide with your tutor when you are ready to take assessments and only then will you be booked in.

Then once your assessment are passed you will have your qualification. This will be the exact same qualification that you would have achieved via a more traditional learning approach, you will of just studied in it a more innovative and flexible way which is what blended learning is all about!

In summary, blended learning really is total learning with a key blend of practical and independent learning methods merged , giving you ultimate flexibility and ownership of your learning. It makes great use of educational technology and really harnesses the support of expert tutors every step of the way. If it’s a modern and convenient route that you are after, then blended learning really could be for you!

One of the UK’s leading blended learning providers of Gym Instructor and Personal Training courses is Study Active.

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