How to Find Clients for Personal Training

An important question for all personal trainers is how to find new clients for their personal training business. We sat down with Personal Trainer Hannah Groves to ask her thoughts and tips for attracting clients.


Firstly Hannah, how many clients do personal trainers typically have?

It of course varies for each personal trainer. I currently have 23 clients split on a hybrid model of face-to-face and online coaching. This structure is based on me personal training part time due to other commitments. This is with 75% of my clients being females and having gone through a postnatal programme with me.


So how many clients should a personal trainer have? Is there a recommended number?

I personally think that is no limit to how many clients a Personal Trainer should or shouldn’t have. It would depend on the Personal Trainer’s situation as to whether they choose to work full time or part time. It would also depend on the different types of clients you choose to train as this will affect how many sessions they want per week, and whether they want face-to-face or online coaching.


It’s good to know that a personal trainer can build up a new client list to suit their circumstances. So, the next question is, naturally, how would a personal trainer attract new clients?

A good way to attract new clients is through client referrals and showing client testimonials and results through social media. For a new Personal Trainer building a client database, if they are based in a gym, they would need to be on the gym floor talking to as many people as possible, offering ‘Personal Training taster sessions’ and giving demonstrations. The best way to attract new personal training clients is to get yourself out there, meeting potential clients.


Is there a difference for finding clients for online personal training as opposed to being based in a gym?

There is a big difference to finding clients for online personal training as you are most likely to find these clients through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. To be successful online it is important to target your own audience, showcasing the areas you specialise in. For example – specialising in extra qualifications such as nutrition or pre and postnatal. Sharing content on social media needs to be completed regularly, making sure to include posts of client transformations and testimonials to show clients the potential results they might gain from working with you and becoming your personal training client.


Finally, Hannah, do you have any tips for getting new personal training clients fast?  

In terms of tips for getting new clients fast it is pretty simple - you need to be advertising and marketing/selling yourself and your services by speaking to as many people as possible in your target audience.


Summary - How to Find Clients for Personal Training

Thank you, Hannah for your time. We now have some useful starter tips for attracting new personal training clients.


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